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This page was born out of my friends' love for my "Oriental motifs" series, where cute donkeys are portrayed. These loyal and kind animals are great helpers and true friends to people. This section contains the pictures from the General series "Oriental motifs", which are of great importance to me.



​I was born in the Middle East, in Uzbekistan. This is a bright and original country with a distinctive culture and good people. Since childhood, I have been absorbing the colors of the East, its sunshine and beauty, and its amazing way of life. Moreover, I traveled a lot in this region and nearby countries. These childhood emotions were very strong, and they are still green in my mind.

Now I live in the North, in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the sky is mostly gray and cold and where there's quite a little sunshine. But even now I often resort to the memories of my Sunny Homeland and its colors, and these memories are expressed in my today's paintings dedicated to the East.

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